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Workshop & Boot Fitting

ski workshop

Our workshop has all the latest tools of the trade to cope with the most difficult repair work. The ski and Snowboard machine has been developed to fulfil the requirements of even the most particular skiers and 'boarders. Equipped with a 2 speed belt it gives excellent preparation and finish. We also have an industrial sized hot box to ensure maximum wax absorbtion for long lasting performance!

Ski / snowboard repair, together with boot customisation is where our expertise lies. Whether it's an edge and wax, full service, edge 'ding' repair, patch, edge replacement, heli coil, binding mount, 'delam', whatever.....we're more than confident that if it can be fixed then we can fix it!

Problems regarding ski boots are both too many and varied to list here!!! However, if you're experiencing discomfort, orthotics (either lack of, or substandard) may be the cause!? An unsupported foot in a ski boot is akin to a house without foundations! We stock and fit Conform'able orthotics, which together with further customisation, ie. stretching/grinding the shell, expanding the liner, cuff adjustments etc., etc., may provide at least some of the answers to the underlying discomfort.

We will guarantee the fit over the lifespan of the boot, should you have any issues we will work on the boot to ensure satisfaction.

Workshop Prices

  • Ski Service £28
  • Snowboard Service £35
  • Wax + Edge £15
  • Hot Wax only £10
  • Binding Mount (Drilling) £25
  • Binding Mount (integrated) £10
  • Major Ski Repairs, (Edge Replcements, Patches, Heli-coils etc please ask)
  • Boot Adjustments (please ask)
  • All Work undertaken by trained technicians.