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Boot Fitting

Boot Fitting

For the 21-22 ski season we have teamed up with Frazer from Foundation Lab. Frazer has over 15 years experiences in the fitting and modification of Ski Boots and Custom Insole fabrication. He has worked around the world, culminating with 7 years in London as Ski Manager, Buyer and Trainer for Profeet where he had the opportunity to develop his craft.

Recognised as one of the top ski boot fitters in the UK. Frazer is a member of the Society of Shoe Fitters, a Platinum Member of the BSBA, along with been both Masterfit University Masters Plus qualified and Sidas Acadamy Certified.

Foundation Lab is the culmination of 15 years of passion for the outdoors and the endless search for comfy feet.

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Services and Prices

2hr Ski Boot Fitting - £159 + Ski Boots

In partnership with Bennetts Winter Sports for Winter 21/22 we are able to offer ski boot sales along with the Foundation Lab signature Custom Insoles and Fitting. The ultimate ski boot fitting experience.

Appointment includes:

  • Biomechanical assessment
  • Custom Insole fabrication
  • Boot selection and modification
  • Fit Guarantee

Every appointment includes the creation of a pair of custom insoles. Bespoke to your foot and shaped to your chosen boot. The insole is the Foundation of the fit. It optimises the position of the foot in the boot, stabilising it and improving the effectiveness of any boot modifications. The increased contact distributes pressure, maximising comfort and improves proprioception. Custom Insoles are vital to achieve the best fit, comfort and performance possible.

1hr Custom Insole Appointment - £159

Foundation Lab's signature fit whether you have purchase boots elsewhere or are looking to upgrade a couple of old friends our Custom Insole Appointment covers all bases.

The appointment includes:

  • Biomechanical Assessment.
  • Custom Insole Fabrication.
  • Fit Guarantee.
  • Boot modification (if required).

If you have any requirements outside this framework then please contact us.

Extra time may be needed and will be charged accordingly per hour in line with our Boot Mod Appointment.

1hr Boot Mod Appointment - £99

Are your Boots in need of some TLC? Our Boot Mod Appointment is for those looking for adaptations the shell or liner to improve comfort. This appointment does not include a custom insole but we can always upgrade at the time.

The appointment includes:

  • Up to two stretches/grinds.
  • Heat mould of liners.
  • Set up of buckles etc.

The appointment does not include:

  • Fit Guarantee
  • Custom Insole fabrication.

Extra Charges

  • For more complicated work extra time may be needed. Charged by the hour at the appointment rate.

If you have any requirements outside this framework then please contact us.

1hr Fit Guarantee Appointment - Free

At Foundation Lab we want every customer comfy and happy in their boots. However, although every due diligence is taken during your fitting, follow up appointments and further adjustments may be needed after your boots have been skied. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive Fit Guarantee.

Our Fit Guarantee covers all insoles we fabricate and also any boot fitted by Foundation Lab in partnership with Bennetts Winter Sports.

Further alteration after the boot has been used is part of the fitting process. If problems do arise please remember, we're here to help! Give us a call on 01226 248896 or email with any concern you may have.

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