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Elliott Bennett

My name is Elliott Bennett and I am a GBR FIS Squad (British Ski Team) athlete. I don’t remember a time in my life where I couldn’t and didn’t want to ski, having been introduced to the sport at just two years old by my parents and competing in my first indoor competition and winning my age group, at the Yorkshire Championships, at just four years old. From this point onwards I knew what I wanted to do. It sounds very cliché I know, but true...! I come from the small town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire, not a well-known skiing destination of course, that’s why it makes my achievements already quite outstanding and unique.

More about my story can be found on my website (Home | Elliott Bennett ( which provides a brief background to my history. Entering FIS racing from Children’s has been a true challenge this past three years. I transitioned from been a multiple British and English Champion in Children’s racing, representing GBR at many International Youth Races, into the world of FIS (adults racing), this was incredibly tough, and, in all honesty, I questioned my ability during these three past years. I didn’t make the GBR FIS squad until this past 21/22 season. To do this has taken a lot of grit and determination, I feel demonstrating my commitment to do whatever it takes and remind myself this is a long journey where others have already quit! I truly believe I have the talent and dedication to go all the way and realise my dream.

So, my ask for you if I may?

I need sponsorship to continue with my Olympic dream. Currently I have deals with suppliers and equipment manufactures who are based around Europe. I am now seeking for personal sponsors to contribute towards my training fees each season. In return I would provide regular updates, marketing and promoting sponsors wherever possible, such as on clothing, photographs for social media with signage, around all European destinations. TV and social media promotions where possible, with headline sponsors having the opportunity to spend some time on the ski slopes with myself and for some time to get to know each other, and perhaps a few ski tips!

The last and most important part is the Tax benefits that can be achieved from this. All sponsorship can be treated as Tax relief and can be off set against the businesses Corporation Tax. So, ask yourself this would you rather pay the Tax Man or use the money in a productive way and see a young guy make his dream a reality and be part of it?.

If you would like to discuss further, then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you,